New Sakae Sushi @ Pavilion

Sakae Sushi @ Pavilion24th November 2007 Saturday

12.30pm.. I was so excited to spot the brand new branch of Sakae Sushi, with new comprehensive desert menu, and be the first few patrons, which has never failed me with fresh and affordable sushi so far.

However, I must say that I had alot of funny experiences that disappointed me:

- The staff made the wrong sushi TWICE for my Tempura Ebi handroll although there is no mistake found in our order.

- Tempura Fried Maki shrunk by 1/3 without any roes in it.

- I can hardly find salmon skin in my handroll.

- We are the only one/two patrons but we waited for 15min for our 1st food to be served (sushi).

- The staff were friendly and explained the new desert menu to us but when we asked for a desert sample which is given free for those who comes to their restaurant with Sakae’s baloon, they insisted it is their policy and they refused. Well, no comment.

I will write about the desert if I have a chance to try it in the future.

Lot C 4.03 & C4.04, Level 4,
Pavillion Kuala Lumpur,
Lot 168, Jln Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur. 

Environment       : Restaurant
Service             : 2/5
Taste                : 2/5
Price                 : 4/5

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