RM6.90 replacing Sub of the day @ Subway

5 May 2014

It is expected that Subway will eventually change the long ever popular puller RM7.50 Sub-of-the-day which had been quite successful in promoting healthy lifestyle to Malaysians, including myself.

All day Wholesome & yet Budget at RM7.50 @ Subway (ended in Apr)

Subway Value RM6.90The new Every Day Value RM6.90 offers 4 limited choices:
- Chicken slice and Meatball remains while Seafood & Crab and Veggie Delite are introduced.
- All time, everyday.
- You may opt for just RM1 extra for drinks

Generally speaking, it is a good news for the vegetarians and crab lovers, but it is bad for Subway and the regulars as their signature is B.M.T. and also tuna fans. Many fans had voiced and prefer Subway to continue with the popular ones. Perhaps they can replace some chicken with other options. Of course, the adjustment of pricing is anticipated and unavoidable.

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