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ice kacang15 December 2007

After much publicity from some people & bloggers about Lorong Selamat, I decided to give the place a try. Is not the actual sisters fried kuey teow shop but the one 2 shops down the road from it. After all the hearsay about having to lineup & wait a long time for the char kway teow, I watched the shop & noticed that there were many people in it (not packed to the brim), but no queue. I have also spoke to some locals working in Penang & was told that it usually appeals to tourists. Many locals would not frequent the place due to its pricing as well as the sisters’ snobbish attitude.

Thus, I was smart enough to just try the ABC (Ice Kacang) 2 doors away which also ice kacang 2had many people. To my disappointment, it was not as good as the Penang Road Ice Kacang & Chendol stall (next to coffee shop). Red syrup taste was overpowering the sarsi taste, making it taste more like syrup ice. However, there were more ingredients which came at a premium too of RM2.20. Seems that everything along this road is somewhat more expensive than other places.

Lorong Selamat,
Off McAlister Road (Jalan Mcalister) & Burma Road (Jalan Burma)
Opens in the mornings to about 2.30pm

Environment      : Coffeeshop
Service             : 3/5
Taste                : 2/5
Price                 : 3/5

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