Chinese Fried banana fritters @ Sea Park

Curry puff & yummy banana fritters

26 November 2007 Monday

Ever craved for those good old days where we can just simply buy some fried stuff from a nearby neighboorhood stall? Well, do not fret as there are still a few chinese stalls selling it in Petaling Jaya, which one of those stalls are located along Jalan 21/19 just outside the Damansara Utama Methodist Church (Previously Ruby Cinema).

The lady at the 2nd stalls along the road usually starts at about 12 noon & depending on availability lasts until 4-5pm. There is anything from their juicy fried banana fritters (goreng pisang), fried yam, fried potatoes to fried popiah, mouth-watering curry puffs (lovely layered crispy skin with fragrant potato and chicken cubes) and fried pancake with prawns. The banana fritters are fried to perfection with its just light & crispy shell on the outside and soft, smooth and juicy on the inside. The fried batter is light in colour, meaning that the oil has not been used a long time.

Prices are standard at 60 70 sen per piece. There are also other stalls nearby like one just outside Seaview Restaurant, a truck outside Pelita Restaurant in SS2 and a hawker stall in O & S Restaurant in Paramount Garden.

Jalan 21/19
Sea Park, Petaling Jaya

Environment       : Roadside stall
Service             : 5/5
Taste                : 5/5
Price                 : 4/5

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