Kedai Makanan Thai Frame (formerly known as Lai Thai Market)

Front22 October 2014

 After hearing all the rave and popularity, I finally managed to try Lai Thai Market which has undergone a major renovation & also renamed to Kedai Makanan Thai Frame around 2 months ago. I now do see how popular it has become based on the photo I took of the long queue outside. It was previously half a mini market while tables were put in whereever possible but it has now become primarily an eating place.


Most Thai restaurants or eating places in KL city or Petaling Jaya usually only serves the same old boring Thai food like Tomyam, Thai fried rice, thai fried kuey teow or yellow noodles or even thai dishes which barely resembles the actual taste or probably tastes more like chinese food, like for example Vichuda Restaurant in Shah Alam. However, if one craves for authentic Thai food or street food, there is hardly any places that serve stuff like Pad Thai, pork leg rice, Som Tam, green curry and even thai fish cake. Some of the only places I can think of which serves such food is like My Elephant 2 blocks away, Old Siam Kopitiam in 1 Utama or the pricier Sea Cuisine / Absolute Thai group located in many shopping malls.

pork leg rice

So far, Thai Frame is the only place I know which serves Pork Leg rice which can be easily found in many places in Thailand like Dannok, Hatyai, Koh Samui, Krabi, Phuket and Bangkok. At a higher price of RM 10 per plate, it is still quite reasonable considering there is lots of pork given & it comes with expensive brown rice and half an egg. The taste, is also quite similar to what I tried in Dannok & on top of that, a wide range of condiments usually provided in Thailand are also given here to be put in optionally like chilli sauce, chilli flakes, sugar, fish sauce and peanuts. This again, is a feature hardly seen in other Thai restaurants.

Other dishes I tried are thai fish cake, thai minced sausage and mango salad. The thai fish cake was abit dry & taste more similar to our local chinese fish cake but the others did help to satisfy my thai food craving. Based on what some people said & the previous reviews, the prices should have recently been revised upwards so it maybe on the high side as compared to the normal chinese coffee shop fare. The fried rice, pad thai & mango salad goes for RM 6 but the pad thai was very small & more of a snack size. The drinks were the killer where standard thai iced tea & iced lemongrass was RM 5 each so I will definitely avoid ordering drinks in future.

Kedai Makanan Frame Thai (formerly known as Lai Thai Market)
A G-3, Block A,
Happy Mansion,
Jalan 17/13,
46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Everyday from 10am to 8pm

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