Cod Fish RM13 @ Peter Chin Western Food!

cod7 March 2008

I bumped into this coffee shop opposite Shell Station or diagonally opposite Maybank while having an evening walk one day. The aroma coming from this shop is always quite strong prompting me to promise myself to try one day. This shop previously only served dishes at night but has since been taken over by ‘tai chow’ stall called Banana leaf hokkien mee.

Thus, on this fine night (after already eaten a sandwich), we decided to give it a try. As it was quite late (almost 10.45pm), they have already run out of fish & chips, not wanting to try chicken or salmon, next best choice was the snowy cod. To our pleasant surprise, it was quite a big slice of fish & it came with salad leaves, cucumber, peter chin western foodtomatoes, crinkle cut fries (coffee shop western food always seems to give crinkle cut fries!), honey dew, a plate of thousand island & tartar sauce. However, the fish was quite ‘wet’ & taste-wise was just acceptable only & abit overcooked, maybe is just meant to be plain grill. I might give other dishes a try in future.

Peter Chin Western Food
Banana Leaf Hokkien Mee
Jalan 21/17, SEA Park
Opposite big Shell station

Environment      : Coffee Shop
Service             : 4/5
Taste                : 3/5
Price                 : 5/5

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